Monday, May 27, 2024
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NQL SQL-Builder 4.2
 Intelligent Data Retreival, Reporting, and Sharing

  • Simple and intelligent ad-hoc data retrieval, reporting, and sharing without any programming
  • Powerful built-in querying and searching capabilities that makes even the most complex data retrieval simple and efficient
  • Dynamic graphical user interface (GUI) automatically detects and updates when database structure changes - saving you the expensive cost of updating the GUI
  • Easily integrates into any existing business driven by Microsoft SQL-Server and Oracle.
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NQL Seagull 2.0
 Java and Dot Net Source Code Generator
 Powerful Database Development Tool

  • Streamlines the database application design and implemention process
  • Visual database design tool makes creating large database easy and efficient
  • Genrate source code for web forms and classes
  • Support Java and Dot Net technologies
  • Support Oracle and MS-SQL databases

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